Self adhesive labels

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Labels are used for multiple functions. For companies and organizations, they are the bearers of company brand and name. For government organizations carriers of authority and information dictated by law. For individuals, they are the identification of clothing and shoes. They are of the highest quality with a high degree of design. They are the pieces of material that distinguish you from your competitors.

For smaller companies, we offer help with logo development. or large ones, we create labes based on the company standards.

Use of labels: Ideal for use in shoe industry.
Label placement: Placed on the inside of a shoe.
Label function: They hold a promotion function in combination with company information.
Ribbon construction: There are using woven ribbons with special anti-fray coating and with standard or hot-melt glue on the back side.
Material: Woven acetate, satin or taffeta quality of ribbon.
Colors of ribbon: The most common colors are white and black, with possibility of delivering another colors, based on the amount demanded.
Technology: Labels are printed with hot stamping technology while hot through colored foils.
Print colors: Max. 6 colors depending on the size of label.
Types of print: Any text and company logos depending on customer requirements.
Label dimensions: Minimal dimensions of label are 1,5 x 1 cm / max. Dimensions are 12 x 5 cm.
Final modifications: Standard form is the labels pre-cut delivered on rolls, with possibility of cutting out shapes for additional cost.
Label durability: Ribbon is permanent color, resistant against interior influences.
Delivery time: Depending on complexity of label, the delivery time for the first order varies from 7 to 21 days. With repeat production, up to 7 days from receipt of order.
Delivery: In one time orders over 50 000, the price includes transport.

Process of sampling new labels:

  • The customer provides graphics, or the ideas on the required label
  • Our designers process the provided information and graphics to create a final design
  • After the final design is approved by the customer, the exact price is then calculated
  • After final order has been confirmed, the production of embossing plates starts
  • If label have to be pre-cutt , new cutting form will be ordered too.
  • Embossing plate is necessary for every color
  • Production starts after the embossing plates are made (cca 14 days)
  • One time fee is charged for embossing plate production and processing of design
  • Fee for embossing plate is set depending on form complexity
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