Printing to a maximum sheet size of 1000x700mm is realized in terms of consumer requirements on four-color printing Roland machines with maximum weight of 600g/m2. Other sheet-fed offset printers are two-color and unicolor ADAST Dominant 715 and 725. The production use of these devices are all standard outcomes of printing production, such as letterhead, business cards, and other administrative paperwork, catalogues, calendars, posters, labels, etc.

Box gluing:

One to four point gluing of boxes is performed on automated line JAGENBERG DIANA 104.

Cutting, creasing, perforating.

Based on customer demand, we mainly produce folders for holding documents, covers and boxes for pharmaceutical, textile, clothing, and other products, customized prospect envelopes with cut-outs and many other applications. Cutting, perforating and creasing is realized to the maximum format of 1000x700mm and maximum weight of 1.2mm paper thickness. Customized cutting forms are created and available upon request.


Is usually applied as a post print on products such as food stamps, vouchers, parking cards, tickets, and business forms , bills of shipping and receiving, receipts, etc.).

Embossing (embossing, hot stamping by foils)

This procedure adds a hallmark of interchangeability even to the simplest products. Blocks of hard photopolymer, magnesium, zinc or brass create a plasticity of surface visible without a use of ink.

Adhesive laminating

Adhesive laminating – is a process in which an offset printed sheet is lined (glued) to a cardboard, in order to create a strong and durable packaging.

Postpress (processing and additional activities)

To create a truly complex portfolio, we offer processing of printed products and other activites. These include:

  • V1 staple binding
  • V2 glue binding
  • V4 sewn and glued binding
  • V8 sewn and glued binding to hard boards
  • Spiral (adjustments for calendars, diaries, etc.)
  • Folding (HEIDELBERG TI52)
  • Laminating and UV varnish application
  • Packaging (shrink film, paper tape)
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